Surfing at St Leu between two contest.2008
2006 Pro junior Wollongong
Lacanau pro junior 2008 semi final.
Lacanau pro junior 2008.
Air show at La trotue.Looks like i didn't land this one,but i did!!!

Trip in oz,ahhhhhhh i don't wanna fall!!
Surfin a fun beach break around Sydney, good memories...2006
Balina,this wave got so much power!!!
Flying over the rocks!!
I like to surf with my friends, Marcos watching at the back.
How good is snapper rock?!But you never know when some on will drop on
St Leu no wind,4 foot,it's like a skate park.
Now the trafic is like this every days at home.Thank's to the new tamarin's road!
ummm i love it!!i was just 13 years old!
Bowl of St Leu 14 years old.
Right after the barrel...
David Leglay Challenge 2004.